Old Illustrations

old book images and public domain engravings


It’ about time I updated this “About” page from the WordPress default.  This sight’s raison d’être is to transubstantiate public domain intellectual property from disintegrating corporeal media to potentially eternal ones and zeros set free to roam the internet.  I am blessed to live near many ivy encrusted seats of higher learning.  From which many academicians have retired, expired, and their literary collections have found their way into public library book sales, flea markets, and garage sales.  From which I have amassed a collection of my own thatI am endeavoring digitize and post for you the reader to do with what you will.  To wit unless stated otherwise all the content on this site will be from works that have entered the public domain due to the fact that they were:

FIRST published in the United States prior to 1923; which means their US copyright has expired, and they are in the public domain IN THE UNITED STATES.  If these works were subsequently published in other countries they may enjoy longer and potentially limitless copyright terms in those countries.

I intend to make an effort to provide as much background and context as I can for these works and to make the images available as high resolution tiff files for use as clip art and desk top publishing.

I hope you find this material interesting and useful and I thank you for helping me breath life into the products of the labors of many anonymous mutton-chop sideburned 19th century engravers and artists.

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