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Mariano Fortuny y Marsal

19th Century painter of the Romantic era.   Born at Reuss, in Catalonia, Spain, June 11, 1839; Died of malaria in Rome Italy on the 22nd of November, 1874.  This is an obituary by a contemporary writer Charles Vriarte who accompanied Fortuny to North Africa during the 1859 war between Spain and Morocco.  It was translated from the original French and published in the 1875 edition of Appleton’s Art Journal.

Four page PDF file of the obituary, 4.4Mb

I’ve made 600 dpi gray-scale scans of the four engravings in the article, links the tiff files are below:

Portrait of Mariano Fortuny, TIF, 600dpi, 12.6Mb

The Circassian by Mariano Fortuny, TIF, 600dpi, 15Mb

The Prayer by Mariano Fortuny, TIF, 600dpi, 16.6Mb

Mariano Fourtuny, Man d’Epinay, Pen-and ink, TIF, 600dpi, 7.4Mb

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